Vinyl Fence Installation in Bryan and College Station

Vinyl Fence Bryan College Station TX

Installing a vinyl fence in Bryan / College Station couldn’t be easier with the best fence contractor in the area. Vinyl fences will provide you a long-lasting alternative to a wood fence, and created a beautiful fence you can be proud of.

Vinyl fencing has some great features that make it a great choice for your Bryan / College Station area home.  We love the fact that vinyl fences are so easy to clean.  When you have small dirt build up on a vinyl fence, it couldn’t be simpler – just rinse with your garden hose and maybe give a little scrub with a broom. If you have a little bit bigger dirt build up or some light staining, a light duty power washer will do the trick and make your vinyl fence look as good as new. 

Vinyl Fence Design and Style

Gray_Vinyl_Fence_College Station, TX

Originally, vinyl fencing had few options - you got a 6 privacy fence or a picket fence. Today, the options have expanded and you can create so many variations that you can have a unique fence in Bryan or College Station.
Vinyl fencing now comes with several height options in both privacy and picket fence styles. 


There are also several color choices – where you can choose to have a solid color, or have a two-tone fence.  Vinyl privacy fences are a common choice for backyards in order to maintain privacy and picket fences are great for the front yard, where you want to maintain visibility to and from the street.  The front yard picket fence is great to give your pet a little more yard space and insuring they can’t run off!

Eco-Friendly Option

On major reason our customers choose vinyl fencing is because it is a great eco-friendly choice. Why is that, you ask?  Simple – Wood fences typically last 10-15 years IF they are stained and sealed regularly.  Your vinyl fence will easily last 2 to 3 times as long.  So, installing a vinyl fence at your Bryan or College Station home means you will cause less materials to go to the landfill.  It also means you will not be adding to the number of trees cut down for fencing products. If you plan to live in your home for years to come, consider choosing a vinyl fence for your residential fence project. 

Vinyl fencing has the added amenity of long-life and durability.  Your vinyl fence installation by Bryan Fence Company will last many years, saving landfill space, and keeping more trees alive!


Plan Your Vinyl Fence Install Today!

Give the pros at Bryan Fence Company a call today.  We can show you all of our vinyl fence design options and measure your property. We will provide you a detailed quote for your complete fencing project, and when you are ready, schedule your fencing project. You’ll see just how simple it is to work with us!  

No matter if you live in Bryan, College Station, Hearne, Caldwell, Navasota or any of the small towns in the Bryan / College Station area, will take care of all your residential vinyl fence needs.